DementiaRoadmap Wales

Promoting living well with dementia across Wales

Welsh Health Boards

The NHS in Wales underwent major change in 2009 to equip it to deliver better heathcare closer to people’s homes and more self-care programmes to help people live more independent lives, provide more joined up services between health and social care, and increasingly focus on public health, creating a wellness service, rather than a sickness service.

The reorganisation of NHS Wales, created single local health organisations that are responsible for delivering all healthcare services within a geographical area, rather than the Trust and Local Health Board system that existed previously.

Welsh Health BoardsThe NHS now delivers services through seven Health Boards and three NHS Trusts in Wales. Find out about each of the seven Health Boards below on the NHS Wales website.

The Dementia Roadmap Wales team are working with each of the seven Health Boards to develop local Dementia Roadmaps for the local people they support.

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