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Useful Apps for Dementia Patients & Carers

April 25 2019

There are many apps available that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet  that could be beneficial to people with dementia.

Whether you are experiencing early signs of dementia and are looking for ways to boost your memory, or you’re a carer looking after a dementia patient, it’s likely that there’s an app or two that can make life a little bit easier for all involved. During the early or mildest stage of dementia there are a number of things that can be done to help the person to maintain as much of their independence as possible, and help to keep their brain active, possibly slowing the onset of middle stage moderate symptoms for a little longer.

Check out the website below for some ideas of suitable Apps.

The Apps include:

Daily Aid Apps

Dementia digital diary

Dementia Clock

MediSafe Meds & Pills Reminder

Family locator GPS tracker

Memory Training Apps

Elevate Brain Training


Fit Brains Trainer

Memory Games Brain Training

Relaxation Apps


Relaxing sounds

Soothe sleep sounds

Relax radio

Care Giver and Information Apps

Memory box

Dementia emergency

Alzheimer’s Society talking point forum


A walk through dementia

Games Apps

Word search puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles


Candy crush saga


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