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Thinking Ahead: a planning guide for families

October 18 2013

This guidance, published by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, provides a clear framework to help the families of people with learning disabilities plan for the future and address the concerns they have.

Download Thinking Ahead: a planning guide for families

The guidance has been produced in response to what people with learning disabilities, their parents and siblings have been asking for years: what is going to happen in the future, and how can we shape it?

It will help practitioners to support family carers of people with learning disabilities to involve other people in planning for the future, and outlines the benefits of making plans for the future of a family member with learning disabilities.

Practitioners will also find the accompanying research report of interst as it summarises the findings of our research and offers recommendations to policy-makers, local authorities, pracititioners in health and social care and families.

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