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Social Services Support for Dementia

March 28 2019

Even if you feel you don’t need support now, it’s a good idea to know what’s available and plan ahead. 

The adult social services department of your local council can help with your personal care and day-to-day activities. 

For example, social services may offer to provide: 

  • carers to help you with washing and dressing 
  • laundry services 
  • meals on wheels 
  • aids and adaptations 
  • access to day centres 

Social services can also give you information about local services and support, much of which is provided by charities, such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Age UK. 

It’s a good idea to find out if you do need help by getting a needs assessment from social services. This assessment could identify needs you may not have considered. A needs assessment is free and anyone can ask for one. 

If the assessment shows you need help with everyday tasks, a person from social services will discuss this with you, and a relative or carer. Together you can agree a joint plan of needs and how these will be met. 

The next step is a financial assessment (means test) to check if the council will pay towards the cost of your care. 

How to get a needs assessment 

If you haven’t already had a needs assessment, contact the social services department at your local council and ask for one.

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