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RCGP Commissioning Guidance in End of Life Care

March 4 2013

This guidance offers a logical six-step framework and overview to support GP commissioners to deliver practical improvements in end of life care, aligned with national policy and quality standards.

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Ideally, end of life care should be able to assure effective control of pain and nausea as well as opportunities for fulfilment of the person’s known wishes and desires at his or her most crucial time of life.

The 6 steps in the framework are:

  1. Aim – all people approaching the end of life and their carers and family receive well-coordinated, high-quality care in alignment with their wishes and preferences.
  2. Goals – delivering quality care that is good value and cost-effective
  3. Sectors working together in collaboration
  4. Target areas that overlap with EOLC – EOLC must be included in these intersecting areas to enable effective improvement, i.e. long-term conditions, out of hospital care, elderly frail and people with dementia.
  5. Domains of care (as in the Gold Standards Framework’s (GSF) five standards for accreditation).
  6. Outcome measures

Key actions for commissioners to consider

  • identifying those patients at risk of dying in the next year
  • integrated anticipatory care planning with a lead professional
  • supporting patients and their carers to take greater control

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