DementiaRoadmap Wales

Promoting living well with dementia across Wales

National Dementia Vision for Wales

September 25 2011

The National Dementia Vision for Wales sets the Welsh Assemby Government’s vision to strengthen communities, creating a key resource for people affected by dementia at local and national level. The objective being that over time, building on local improvements from the grass roots up, a network of local dementia supportive communities will create a national dementia supportive community.

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As well as improving and developing health and social care services to deal with the dementia challenge, support will also need to be provided by communities, by the third sector, and public and independent sector organisations. Crucially, all services will need to work together in an integrated way, adding value to each and enabling services to be tailored to the individual needs of people affected by dementia.

The key outcomes to developing Dementia Supportive Communities within Wales are that:

  • The community articulates the voice of people affected by dementia
  • The community is consulted and listened to
  • Where services are available, they are accessible and responsive to the needs of the community they seek to serve, and
  • People with dementia are included in community activities and they and their carers are supported by that community.

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