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Living with early-stage dementia

November 20 2019

Living with early-stage dementia is a comprehensive guide published by Age UK, also known as Age Cymru in Wales.

Topics covered:

  • If you’re worried about yourself
  • Seeing your doctor
  • what is dementia?
  • what happens if it is dementia?
  • how might dementia affect me?
  • talking to family and friends
  • counselling and other kinds of therapy
  • helpful strategies
  • Case story: “Life doesn’t end because you’ve got dementia or Alzheimer’s. You just need to learn to deal with what the future holds.”
  • keeping active
  • driving
  • working
  • holidays
  • your relationships
  • organising your finances
  • sorting out your legal affairs
  • thinking about future care
  • benefits
  • finding support in your local area
  • getting help from social services
  • housing
  • getting involved in dementia research
  • checklist of what to do next
  • useful organisations

The booklet can be viewed online via the link below:

Alternatively ring age UK Advice free on 0800 169 65 65

or Age Cymru 0800 022 3444



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