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How can we make our cities dementia friendly?

September 3 2015

This briefing paper published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation contributes to the emerging evidence base for Dementia friendly communities by drawing out the key messages from independent evaluations of their work programmes in Bradford and York.

Download How can we make our cities dementia friendly? Sharing the learning from Bradford and York

Dementia friendly communities (DFCs) aim to be accessible, inclusive, welcoming and supportive to those affected by dementia, enabling them to contribute to, and participate in, mainstream society. More than 80 places across the UK are now working towards becoming more dementia friendly, with similar movements gaining ground overseas.

This brieifng paper explains that the four cornerstones of people, places, networks and resources [1] offer a simple and helpful framework, as do the Alzheimer’s Society recognition criteria [2].


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  2. Alzheimer’s Society in Partnership with the Dementia Action Alliance (2013) Guidance for communities registering for the recognition process for dementia friendly communities.

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