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Eye examinations for people with dementia factsheet

November 10 2014

This factsheet provides information on eye examinations for people with dementia. It will be useful for people with dementia, their families, carers and professionals.

Download Eye examinations for people with dementia factsheet

When you have dementia it is important to make the most of your sight. Wearing any glasses you need makes sure your sight is as good as it can be. Without glasses some people would have to cope with blurred vision all the time. Blurred vision may also worsen the symptoms of dementia and may increase a sense of isolation and confusion.

It is possible to have an eye examination if you have dementia. Your optometrist (optician) should be able to adjust the eye examination to meet your needs, accurately measure your vision and prescribe and update any glasses you may need.

An eye examination will also detect any eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma and it is an important first step in treating these conditions and avoiding sight loss.

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