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Duty to Care? Supporting and involving unpaid carers of people at the end of life

June 1 2014

This resource covers the three plenary discussion sessions at the ‘Duty to Care?’ conference held in 2013 facilitated by the National Council for Palliative Care. Three detailed scenarios were debated to help identify and explore the practical issues involved in being or supporting a carer.

It includes notes on how to use them, discussion points and prompts to reflect on practice. It can be used as a teaching resource to help organisations and staff reflect on how they can better support informal carers of people at the end of life.

  1. Scenario One (including discussion points) – Caring for Carers – culture, context and capability
  2. Scenario Two (including discussion points) – Carer vs. Cared for – collusion, capacity, confusion
  3. Scnario Three (including discussion points) – Capacity to Care – conflict, confidentiality, crisis

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