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A practical guide to healthy ageing

October 1 2015

This guide published by NHS England and Age UK contains advice to help improve the health and general fitness of people of any age, but it is particularly relevant for people who are about 70 years or older.

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The guide has been developed and tested using focus groups and in depth interviews. Whilst the content aims to be simple and readable, the evidence base for the topics in the guide is based on a systematic review of 78 longitudinal observational studies that collectively identified 11 principal risk factors associated with functional decline in older people living at home.

The top five things that the guide recommends include:

  1. Check your walking speed.
  2. Stay active or become more active.
  3. Socialise regularly, spend time with other people and have regular chats.
  4. Keep on top of your health (get your eyes and ears tested, have your vaccinations and get your medicines reviewed).
  5. Look after yourself (keep your home warm, eat well and don’t put off asking for help).

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