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Newport Dementia Roadmap

The Newport Dementia Roadmap provides high quality information about the dementia journey alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways to support people to live well with dementia.

Current News: Jan 2022

Alzheimer’s Society
Dementia Connect, is now being delivered face to face where safe to do, given prevailing Covid-19 restrictions. The community based local Dementia Advisers provide individualized, specialist information and support and are able to offer a home visit (with safety measures in
place). The service is also continuing to accept referrals to virtual information programmes.:
Sessions available;

 Carers Information and Support Programme (CrISP)-a four-week programme for carers, to learn about symptoms, coping strategies and legal and financial matters.
 Live Well with Dementia (LWwD)- a four-week programme for people with dementia in the earlier stages to learn about dementia and how to live well
 Newport ‘Music and Memories’. Every Tuesday 10:45-12 at the Beaufort Centre, Beaufort Road, St Julian’s, Newport, NP19 7UB. These sessions can also be attended virtually via Zoom.
 Singing for the Brain sessions and Quiz Sessions remain on Zoom. Singing for the Brain: Thursdays 10:45 – 12:00. Quiz sessions: Fridays 10:45-12.

For further information on the above services, please use the Dementia Connect line 03331503456 or 03300947400 for the Welsh language line. The local Service Manager is Louise Nicholas 07710382014. Visit the webpages at; www.Dementia Connect | Alzheimer’s Society (

5 key messages to help people in Newport to stay well during the Coronavirus outbreakStaying well in Newport during the Coronavirus outbreak

There are 5 key messages to help people in Newport to stay well during the Coronavirus outbreak:

  1. Stay safe and well
  2. Stay connected
  3. Keep a sense of purpose
  4. Stay active
  5. Stay positive

Read about restarting services during the Covid-19 pandemic

Download a leaflet explaining how to help people with memory problems and those living with dementia to remain safe during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Read answers to frequently asked questions covering general issues, health and care, and your rights

Join the Together we are stronger: Coronavirus information and discussion Facebook group, where members across Wales are already sharing information on what is going on where they live.

Download a directory of organisations and community resources that can provide telephone support for people struggling with their mental health and well-being and many also have helpful resources on their websites.

Download a list of organisations in Gwent that can provide bereavement support .

Download guidance from the British Psychological Society aimed at health and social care professionals which explains how to support older people and people living with dementia during self-isolation.

Download a booklet for children to help them understand the Coronavirus outbreak.

The content on the Roadmap is organised into topics to reflect the dementia pathway. The main topics include: Understanding dementia, Worried about your memory, Diagnostic process, Post diagnosis support, Living well with dementia, Carer health and Planning for the future. Each main topic contains sub topics and each topic page provides access to a collection of useful resources and support groups that are relevant to that topic.

In addition to browsing through the topics we offer a range of tools to help you find what you need:

We support dementia friendly communities in which people with dementia are empowered to have high aspirations and feel confident, knowing they can contribute and participate in everyday activities that are meaningful to them. Find out more about dementia friendly communities.

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Well pathway for dementia

  1. Understanding dementiaThe word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia…
  2. Worried about your memoryFor anyone concerned about their own, or someone else’s memory, it is important to visit their GP or to seek help from relevant local…
  3. Diagnostic processDiagnosing dementia is often difficult, particularly in the early stages. The GP is usually the first person who is  consulted either…
  4. Post diagnosis supportWhen someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their…
  1. Living well with dementiaMany people are happier if they can remain independent and in their own homes as long as possible. It is important for clinicians to…
  2. Carer healthGPs and the primary care team can provide carers with invaluable support, advice and information. For example, they can provide information…
  3. Planning for the futureWhen someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their…

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