DementiaRoadmap Wales

Promoting living well with dementia across Wales



There are over 230 resources on the Dementia Roadmap Wales organised by topics that reflect the dementia journey. They include briefing papers, factsheets, reports and guidance published by a range of trusted sources.

What’s new

Our What’s new page profiles information about the latest resources and groups that we have published on the Dementia Roadmaps.

Video tours

Coming soon … our video tours will show how the Dementia Roadmaps are like a one-stop-shop providing access to a wealth of useful information to support living well with dementia.


We provide information about a wide range of groups and organisations that support living well with dementia. They include charities, professionals bodies, service improvement agencies and research organisations.

Groups on a map

Our map page shows the location of the groups on a map, enabling you to find out more about the groups by clicking on the placemarkers.

Get a Roadmap

Interested in getting a Roadmap in the local area where you live or work? Find out how to order your Dementia Roadmap and activities to consider in preparation for the development.

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