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Promoting living well with dementia across Wales


Many people diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65 continue to work after a diagnosis of the disorder. Carers of people with dementia also continue to work. As numbers of people with dementia rise, this will mean that there are likely to be increasing number of carers and people with dementia in the workforce.

Both people with dementia and carers can face challenges in continuing to work after a diagnosis of dementia. Employers must be prepared to support employees who are diagnosed with dementia or who are carers for someone with dementia. This includes being aware of the legal protection that protects people affected by dementia from discrimination and the need to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in their workplace.

Dementia is a progressive condition and over time it will increasingly impair a person’s ability to work. As this happens, individuals will need support and information from their employers about finishing work, including discussion of retirement options and access to financial advice.

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