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  • Improving the delivery of adult diabetes care through integrationOctober 10, 2014This report published by Diabetes UK explains how diabetes care can be improved to achieve better outcomes for people with diabetes. The challenge for commissioners and healthcare providers locally is to make the system work to support that.
  • Diabetes care planning reviewMarch 12, 2014Practitioners should provide an annual care planning review to all people with diabetes to ensure that each patient gets the right support for managing their diabetes. This short film produced by Diabetes UK aims to help patients to understand what care planning is, and how they can get more involved in their diabetes care.
  • Diabetes Risk ScoreSeptember 29, 2013The Diabetes Risk Score is an assessment tool which aims to identify individuals with impaired glucose regulation (IGR) and is designed to predict an individual’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes within the next ten years. It was developed by University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in collaboration with Diabetes UK.
  • Best practice for commissioning diabetes servicesMarch 14, 2013This guidance published by Diabetes UK aims to help commissioners understand the nature of integrated diabetes care, why it is so important and to provide a signpost to other documents that will be of help in the commissioning process.
  • Implementing local diabetes networksJanuary 14, 2013Implementing Local Diabetes Networks, published by Diabetes UK, is for commissioners to explain the importance and composition of a local diabetes network.

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